Bad Blood

Under the oppressive heat of Halley’s comet, the city of Paris is struck by a virus which kills those who make love without loving one other. Two rival gangs set about competing for the virus germ, which could be used to develop a vaccine and save the people…

Technical sheet

France / 1986 / Color / 125’

Original version : French.
Script : Leos Carax.
Photography : Jean-Yves Escoffier.
Editing : Nelly Quettier.
Music : Benjamin Britten.
Sound : Julien Cloquet.
Editing : Gérard Rousseau.
Casting : Juliette Binoche, Denis Lavant, Michel Piccoli.
Production : Alain Dahan, Les Films Plain Chant, Soprofilms, Les Films Ariane, FR3 Production.
Distribution : Tamasa.