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Every change means a new beginning. FIDMarseille is changing today. A change brought about by the departure of its director, who inspired and refounded it. Jean-Pierre Rehm took over the direction of the festival 20 years ago and worked with his team over the years to make FID what it is today: an outstanding international event. For filmmakers, viewers, professionals, for all lovers of ambitious and adventurous cinema. The FID with its puzzling D, standing for Diversity and Difference rather than a film genre or another. This was confirmed to us by the richness and high quality of the applicants we met during the recruitment of Jean-Pierre Rehm’s replacement. We are deeply grateful for their esteem for the festival, and for coming to us from all over the world to express their wish to join the team.

Nevertheless, the point was less about filling a position than drawing up a new project to strengthen the singularity of the festival. Feeling the need to reinvent ourselves, and the desire to carry forward another model of organisation and governance for a festival such as ours, we, the Board of Directors, in agreement with the FIDMarseille team, have therefore decided not to fill the post of artistic director which we were seeking, but to rely instead on the strengths and talents of an experienced and united team, with a horizontal and collective way of working, bringing to the forefront the skills of each and every one. FID’s current situation offers this opportunity, and today’s societal reality requires it.

We are convinced that this new beginning is the best way to continue the adventure that started twenty years ago. FID is both changing and continuing.

We hope and expect to see many of you, as we do every year in July, in Marseille.
See you at the opening night of the festival, at theatre Silvain, on 5 July at 8pm.