Los erizos
(The sea urchins)

Juan Rodrigáñez

Country: Spain
Genre: Fiction
Length: 140’
Project state: Script
Budget: 500 000 €
% Acquired Budget : 0%

Production Company Spain : Tajo Abajo
Producer: Juan Rodrigáñez

Casting in progress: Celeste González,
Lola Rubio, Lars Rudolph,
Gianfranco Poddighe, Perla Zúñiga

Shooting country: Spain


– Derechos Del Hombre / 2018 / 75’
– Der Geldkomplex (El Complejo De Dinero) / 2015 / 76’
– A La Sierra De Armenia / 2008 / 13’

Three foreigners arrive at Los Erizos. At first they mistrust its inhabitants and their form of sociopolitical organization, which strikes them as too different from their own: the Erizans do not use money, there is no wage labor, there are no hierarchies. The newcomers can hardly believe that they could be so well treated without anything being asked of them in return. After a few misunderstandings and a welcome party, the newcomers become part of this new world, which is not as harmonious as it might seem: its inhabitants tend to disagree with each other, and some even have a special inclination for discord, such as Max, the baker, whose dogmatic air and political outspokenness make him incapable of keeping quiet when the equality of the city’s inhabitants is called into question. To resolve such conflicts, the Erizans resort to a ritual similar to Snakes and Ladders or the Game of the Goose; a motor for social transformation with surprising, irreversible results.
Juan Rodrigáñez

Sofia Bohdanowicz

Sharon Lockhart

Julia Pello

Carlos Casas

Elise Florenty, Marcel Türkowsky

Tina Makharadze

Daniela Seggiaro

Mili Pecherer