Artistic and cultural education

Convinced that cinema is an extraordinary way of arousing a desire for and an interest in art, culture and the realities of the world we live in, we carry out, throughout the year and during the festival, cinema awareness and training activities for all audiences: high school or university students, trainees from Ecole de la 2e Chance, inmates, etc.

Initiatives aimed at high-school and university students

Several educational initiatives are carried out throughout the year and during the festival so as to raise awareness and give regular occasions for young women and men to become tomorrow’s cinephiles.

Screenings and debates

Throughout the year, FIDMarseille offers screenings in partnership with Aix-Marseille education authority, in cinemas, on the FID’s premises or in schools. To date, more than 20 schools are involved in these actions on a regular basis. The screenings are led by the team of FIDMarseille with an introduction and a Q&A, most often with the filmmakers. 

High School Jury

During the week of the festival, about twenty young volunteers, who attended these screenings, make up a jury so as to choose a winner for the High School Award among the films in competition.

Summer School

During the 33rd edition of the festival in 2022, more than 50 high school students from Marseille, Madrid and Thessaloniki took part in a summer school in the framework of the project We are filmmakers. 10 of them joined the High School Award Jury, now referred to as the European High School Jury. 15 other students edited the film they had shot beforehand. And the others made the most of the festival and took part in a specific program: meetings with experts and artists attending the festival (filmmakers, editors, technicians, producers). 

University Students

For many years, FIDMarseille has welcomed groups of students from France and Europe. On top of attending screenings in cinemas with these groups, in 2022, a specific programme (film careers, meetings with professionals) has been initiated for students from ever-increasing French and European schools. Prior to the festival, the schools can take part in a two-day masterclass on the FID premises.

"Let's be Critics" workshop

As the overuse of social media and the rise of Influencers among young audiences are shaping their relationship to the world, we feel it is our responsibility and mission to teach critical analysis, guaranteeing free will and the ability to debate.  

A monthly workshop is organized in middle schools and high schools in order to strengthen young people’s understanding of images. Each month, the screenings and debates are therefore followed by a film criticism workshop.

These workshops are led by the artistic team of FIDMarseille and prepared in cooperation with the teachers. 

Khaled Abudlwahed
Germany | 2023 | 64’ | Grand International Competition Grand Prix, FID2023

Sofia Foi
Pedro Geraldo
Brazil | 2023 | 67’ |  First Film Competition Prize, FID2023

Nos îles
Aliha Thalien
France | 2023 | 23’ | Audience Prize, Renaud Victor Prize, FID2023

Samir Ramdani
France | 2023 | 28’

Ne me guéris jamais
David Yon
France | 2023 | 66’

Camille Llobet
France, Spain | 2023 | 60’

Initiatives aimed at providing accessibility for all

FIDMarseille carries out several initiatives that aim to make the festival accessible to a wider audience. These initiatives will be renewed as of October 2022 and will continue until the 34th edition of FIDMarseille, in July 2023. 

Social organisations

FIDMarseille is driven by the desire to reach out to audiences that are not familiar with the films presented. We are convinced of the paramount importance of accessibility to culture, especially in environments where access seems restricted.

Each year, we carry out awareness-raising initiatives around selected films for various social organisations in Marseille. We collaborate with structures with diverse missions, from supporting young isolated minors to helping the professionalization and training of unemployed people. In 2022 we worked, and will continue to do so in 2023, with Addap13, AAJT, Cultures du Cœur, CIERES, Coco Velten (Yes We Camp), and Kourtrajmé Marseille school. Connections are made with the structures from September and throughout the year, in order to familiarise the people concerned with the FID programme.

During the Festival, a specific film programme is set up for various groups. About 100 people are involved in this action. All the screenings are free of charge and introduced with a presentation in order to assist the groups into the cinema. 

A new partnership has been set up with La Plateforme – future Mediterranean digital campus (15th district of Marseille) for a cycle of film screenings selected by the FID team, but also around digital communication during the festival. 

L'atelier du regard

Before the festival, workshops around films from the line-up of FIDMarseille are organised at Les Baumettes prison. These workshops are led by the teams of FIDMarseille and Lieux fictifs, as well as students from Aix-Marseille University and Marseille School of Fine Arts. The goal is to create, within the prison, a space where we share images, words and experiences, from beyond the walls and the borders between cultures. During the festival, we organise, within Les Baumettes prison, screenings and Q&As, with the filmmakers and their crews.  A selection of about 10 films in competition is presented to an audience of voluntary inmates. The inmates who have been able to see the whole programme can, if they want to, be jury members so as to choose the winner of the Renaud Victor Award. Each film is supervised and presented by students and directors.  The inmates who saw the entirety of the films in their competition (8 to 10) can be jury members. During the closing award ceremony, the inmates with an exceptional leave permit personally hand over the award to the winning filmmaker on behalf of all the jurors. 

École de la 2e chance

The Marseille Espérance Award, initiated in 2004, originated from the cooperation between FIDMarseille and Marseille Espérance. Since 2015, the jury has been made up of trainees from École de la 2ème chance in Marseille. Screenings are organised prior to the festival in order to let the trainees discover the programme of the previous years, to raise awareness for the films supported by FID and to prepare them for their role as jury members. From six to eight trainees are involved in the jury. The Award is funded by the City of Marseille. 


For several years, FIDMarseille offers a selection of films for Marseille hospitals (AP-HM) during the week of the festival. This selection is broadcasted on the VOD channel of the Hospitals. Since 2021, FIDMarseille has been offering a more frequent program, with one film a month. These screenings are therefore free for the AP-HM. Hundreds of people benefitted from this initiative on a monthly basis.