THIRD CALL (2023-2024)

The third call will be launched at the FIDMarseille on Thursday 27th, June.

SECOND CALL (2023-2024)

Museo Reina Sofía, Doclisboa and FIDMarseille present a new call of the residency program Joaquim Jordà oriented to filmmakers and artists in the field of cinema-essay, experimental film and all the other expressions of non-fiction film. Unique among film residencies, this program brings together a museum and two international film festivals to support all the different phases of creation, from the conception to the materialization of an audiovisual piece. The objective of the program is to encourage the development of film projects in the realm of non-fiction film, facilitating access to funding for their execution and the creation of international networks. The research and development of the project take place during the residency in Madrid, the contacts with producers, fundraisers, and distributors during the period in Marseille, and the networking with filmmakers, artists, and programmers during the period in Lisbon. The objective of the residency is to conceive as well as to produce new film works.

The program is named to honor Joaquim Jordà (1935-2006), author of original and emblematic work in non-fiction film, whose personal trajectory spans the three institutions and three countries that have come together to establish this program. A Spanish filmmaker with a National Cinematography Award (2006), his work forms a part of Museo Reina Sofia’s collection. The final retrospective during his lifetime was held at FIDMarseille (2006), while his early work addresses the resistance to the dictatorship in Portugal (Portogallo, paese tranquilo, 1969). Jordà hewed a path of non-conformity and political commitment within the field of creative documentary, characterized by the use of profoundly experimental theatrical strategies and the staging of narratives. This call for applicants seeks to recover his legacy and confirm its place in the genealogy of contemporary non-fiction film.

This call participates of the aim of evolving the contemporary art museum into a more permeable organization that takes care of artists and researchers in a transversal sense, across different disciplines and in different phases of creative work. It is also essential that this new institution be in dialogue with other cultural organizations and spaces of different scales and geographies, whether these be museums, festivals or autonomous organization, in order to establish bonds and a sense of kinship within a new circuit.

The Joaquim Jordà grants are established with these ideas and goals. It is a program of residency at Museo Reina Sofía, requiring a specific period of presence in Madrid, and is complemented by two of the most prestigious and internationally renowned film festivals: FIDMarseille and Doclisboa. The grantees —two per year— will also be invited to participate in FIDLab and Doclisboa. The FIDLab is a space in which to pitch projects to funders, producers, and distributors held annually in early July at FIDMarseille. The awarded projects will be automatically considered by the independent jury of FIDLAB. If they are not among the selected projects, the grantees will benefit from all the professional opportunities offered by the platform.

Additionally, Doclisboa will make a special selection from among those invited to the festival, which takes place in the second half of October in Lisbon, allowing the grantees to build international networks.

The total value of the grant is 9000 € (nine thousand euros), to be paid in two wire transfers to each grantee at the beginning and conclusion of the selection process. This sum includes the expenses for travel and lodging in Madrid. Travel and lodging expenses in Lisbon and Marseille will be paid for by the convening institutions, always within a European distance or similar.

Richard Shpuntoff and Serge Garcia selected for the Joaquim Jordà residency program (2023-2024)

Richard Shpuntoff and Serge Garcia are the two filmmakers selected for the second edition of the annual Joaquim Jordà residency program, supported by Doclisboa, FIDMarseille and the Reina Sofía Museum. Chosen by the jury from a pool of over 150 applications, the two fellows will form part of the program that pays tribute to Spanish filmmaker Joaquim Jordà (1935-2006) and aims to promote the development of film projects in the field of non-fiction cinema.

Richard Shpuntoff was awarded, in the words of the jury, “for a work located between writing, memory and personal archive, a writer’s cinema that takes into account translation and dislocation as essential phenomena in the narrative”. Shpuntoff was born in New York and began his career in the visual arts as a documentary photographer. As a director, he made more than a dozen short films before making his feature debut with Jackson Heights (2016), about the murder of a Puerto Rican sex worker in 1990 in New York. Everything that Is Forgotten in an Instant, his second film, premiered in 2020 in the International Competition of FIDMarseille.

Serge Garcia is a writer, filmmaker and producer whose work explores intersectional narratives and key subjects in the musical subcultures of clubbing, electronica or noise. For the jury, “his films summon feelings of loneliness, alienation, but also resistance and agency”. In its existentialist twist to the musical documentary, Grand Central Hotel (2021) stands out as a melancholic and astute portrait of sound creator Terre Thaemlitz. Other films by Garcia are Live To Be Legend (2020), Cycle One (2021) and A General Disappointment (2022).

The jury, whose members underlined “the maturity and inventiveness of the projects” competing for the fellowships, was composed by Cíntia Gil and Miguel Ribeiro (Doclisboa), Tsveta Dobreva and Cyril Neyrat (FIDMarseille), Chema González and Manuel Segade (Museo Reina Sofia), and Manuel Asín (independent juror).

FIRST CALL (2022-2023)

Leandro Listorti and Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky selected for the Joaquim Jordà residency program (2022-2023)

Following a call for projects launched in October 2022, 2 projects were awarded : Leandro Listorti from Argentina, and Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky from France/Germany

A Certain Civilization
Leandro Listorti
Aboard an Antarctic-bound icebreaker, disjointed and unsettling stories emerge, mirroring the irregularity and unpredictability of drifting ice blocks. At an Argentine military base in the Antarctic, a time capsule intertwines personal narratives, scientific progress, and historical ambiguity. Amidst biological and meteorological studies, voices recall and envision the past and future, haunted by tales of death lurking in every detail.

In Search of the Boojum
Elise Florenty and Marcel Türkowsky
France, Germany
This transcultural fable explores the mystique of the Fouquieria columnaris, a rare tree in the Sonoran desert resembling an upside-down carrot. It is known as Boojum in scientific circles and holds fear and sacredness among the indigenous Seri people. The film blends anthropology, poetry, and geo-political criticism while spanning from the Old to the New World.