An eco-friendly festival

For several years, the Marseille International Film Festival association has initiated social and solidarity actions and developed a sustainable development strategy for its way of working and for the organisation of FIDMarseille, the festival it has been organising for 34 years.

For more than ten years, FIDMarseille has been working to reduce its environmental impact, to give the festival an ongoing ecological dimension and to ensure its sustainability.
FIDMarseille wishes to contribute to raising the awareness of everyone involved, starting with its own team, and beyond, by raising the awareness of the public, professionals and service providers.
FIDMarseille encourages its employees to get involved by adopting responsible actions. Thus the permanent team is fully aware of this issue.

The approach of FIDMarseille is manifold:

Limiting the impact of the team’s activity throughout the year:

  • Reduction of + 80% of paper, FIDMarseille has adopted a zero-paper approach: 100% of payslips and invoices are digital, e-signature is implemented for validation of contracts and documents.
  • Limitation of the use of lighting (by systematically turning off computers and lamps if not needed) and using low-energy light bulbs
  • Recycling, waste is sorted as per its nature: metal, paper, glass, organic… in order facilitate recycling. Implementation of recycling bins in each office and common rooms.
  • Use of eco-friendly products for cleaning premises and reduction of plastic packaging.
  • Digitization of screeners for the festival selection, no more use of DVDs (about 3,000) replaced by web links.
  • FIDMarseille’s computer data is hosted locally at “MRS01” datacentre in Marseille by our service provider ii-servers. With a Tier IV design, a certification that combines a very high-level performance with an eco-friendly approach, it lowers its PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) to 1.25 and optimises its energy efficiency, its level of performance as well as a reduction of its environmental impact. Furthermore, the low noise and vibration levels ensure there is no disturbance for local residents.

Limiting impact of the festival during the event:

  • Keeping festival venues close together. All venues are accessible by public transport and festival goers can walk from one to the next. Shuttles have been set up to take viewers and professionals to Théâtre Silvain (a 2,300-seat outdoor theatre) to attend screenings.
  • Local network including for the teams. From teams to service providers and volunteers, FIDMarseille always encourages geographical proximity. Thus, more than 90% of teams, service providers and partners are from Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.
  • Only organic and/or local catering resorting to organic service providers or involved in an organic and/or eco-friendly certification approach who favour local networks through local supply, recyclable packaging and optimize their energy consumption. Use of disposable crockery and especially 100 % compostable therefore biodegradable cutlery and cups
  • Strongly developed digital communication. Reduction of paper consumption by more than 90% in 4 years (press kits, invitations, flyers via e-mail). Reduction of number of copies of catalogues to be printed. Our service provider Caractère Imprimerie is a PEFC/Imprim’vert printer. No more paper programmes replaced by FIDMarseille app on which all information of the festival programme can be found. Encouraging digital display on Decaux network, so as to reduce the printing of posters (120×176). Tarps for event signage do not mention dates so as to be reused year after year until they wear out and are recycled
  • Pooling of purchases with partner festivals (masks, gel, etc.).
  • Raising awareness of public and team of the festival by encouraging them to use public transport and eco-friendly means of transport (bicycles, scooters, etc.)

In order to respond to the challenges of reducing the environmental impact of events, the Collectif of Eco-friendly and Solidaire Festivals in Région Sud (COFEES) has been organising regional workshops on sustainable mobility for events, in which FIDMarseille has participated since 2021. In 2022, FIDMarseille is committed to becoming a member of this Collectif.

FIDMarseille is fully committed to an Ecofest labeling process.
Ecofest is a label awarded to events committed to the ecological transition