Radio Grenouille – Euphonia, FID 2024

Every year, we’re delighted to invite the FID international film festival back to the city to offer a kaleidoscopic vision of the world. With a program showcasing independent cinema from every continent, it’s in the Phocaean city that some fifty works are presented to the general public for the very first time. Find here all the radio formats created by the Radio Grenouille team for FID!


Cinémoi is a cinephilia questionnaire taken by five guest filmmakers at the 35th edition of FIDMarseille.

Forum Events

A free talk about her work as an actress, her career and the films of Sophie Fillières, whom se worked for as an actress and whose latest film she completed with her brother (Ma vie ma gueule). Moderator: Marilou Duponchel (journalist, critic at Inrockuptibles, Trois Couleurs, programmer at Cannes Film Festival’s Semaine de la Critique).
Faced with the flood of images that are recorded, poured out, manipulated and programmed, cinema has to invent strategies and scripts to reinvent its critical distance and its power of thought. Case studies. With Christian Von Borries (Do you want to see part 2?, FID 2024), Chloé Galibert-Lainé (La Grande Vacance, FIDLab project 2024) and Razan Alasalh (A Stone’s Throw, FID 2024). Moderator: Claire Lasolle (member of the FIDMarseille selection committee)
The vitality of Marseille’s film scene is changing the way cinema looks at the city. How are films looking at Marseille today? What territories, what realities? Overview, case studies. With Téano Horn and Léo Bayle (Le Chant des pylônes, FID 2024), Katharina Bellan (Arfuyen au loin, FID 2024, Université Aix-Marseille), Aurora Vernazzani (Lieux fictifs), Alexandre Cornu (producer, Les Films du Tambour de Soie). Moderator: Mario Bompart (Radio Grenouille)

Against a backdrop of multiple crises in the film industry (distribution, criticism, etc.), festivals have new roles to play. Some are becoming key venues for critical thinking and developing editorial policies. An overview and an outlook.

With Camilo Restrepo (La Chambre d’ombres, film and book, FID 2024), Claire Allouche (Cahiers du cinéma), Stoffel Debuysere (Festival Courtisane).
Moderator: Cyril Neyrat (artistic director of FIDMarseille).