(Tracking satyrs)

MML collective, Gilles Lepore, Michal Madracki, Maciej Madracki

Country : Poland
Genre : Documentary – fiction
Length : 60’
Project state : Development
Budget : 86 619 €
% Acquired Budget : 16%

Production company Poland : MML studio
Producer : Michał Mądracki

Shooting country: Poland


MML Studio
– Cold Pudding Settles Love / Urszula Palusińska / 2018 / 19’
– Trahir la place / MML Collective / 2018 / 43’
Sans bruit, les figurants du désert / 2017 / 64’
The Work of Machines / 2010 / 38’

Apollo lost his herd of cows. Furious, he goes across the worlds to beg the forest spirits to help him. Sylenus and a gang of satyrs agree to find his cows trusting the promise to receive money and freedom. However, the traces are lost and the satyrs drift long until the arrival of a monstrous sound, which would have made them turn back if the stakes had not been so great and which becomes, by luck, their guide to the thief. The thief who is none other than a toddler named Hermes, a frustrated demigod competing in inventiveness and cruelty to prove his divine belonging and placed under the care of the nymph Cyllene, whom he torments with his mischief and genius.
Will the Satyrs discovery be worth the price of their freedom?
„Tracking satyrs” is an update of “Ikhneutai” a satyr play by Sophocles. It is reenacted nowadays in Poland in the form of a docu-fiction. A drift over remixing the ancient and the current times to reflect the world through a narrative both funny and disturbing.
Gilles Lepore Michal Madracki Maciej Madracki

Sofia Bohdanowicz

Sharon Lockhart

Julia Pello

Carlos Casas

Juan Rodrigáñez

Elise Florenty, Marcel Türkowsky

Tina Makharadze

Daniela Seggiaro