• French Competition

Sans bruit, les figurants du désert

Michal Madracki

Maciej Madracki

Gilles Lepore

It is well known that shooting sites are often independent of sites where events narrated in films are supposed to take place. Even more so when it comes to superproduction, science-fiction films, fantasy, mythological films or films set in Antiquity. The point is, first of all, to be able to benefit from natural light, full sunlight, grandiose sets (surrounding mountains or deserts) but also extras recruited on site. For quite some time now, the city of Ouarzazate in Morocco has been a resource for this industry whose purpose it is to re-invent everything, including the least significant biography. Our three film-makers, experts in machinery (The Work of Machines, FIDMarseille 2010), as we all remember, have chosen to explore the backstage of this factory of the imaginary, but have done so by paying close attention to extras. Beneath light comedy short scenes, this time we see those who are ordinarily relegated shine through with solo interpretations. And here is a once invisible Titan; then, suddenly, a biblical hero who was no more than a silhouette; and silent figures engaged in a long dialogue. But rather than looking at the incongruity of this new situation through irony, all three participants, underneath the fragile coating of thin roles, are seeking dignity instead – as well as a plot of moving, singular fates and lives constantly inventing themselves day by day. (JPR)
Michal Madracki Maciej Madracki Gilles Lepore

  • French Competition

Technical sheet

Poland, France / 2017 / Colour / HD, Stéréo / 64’
Original version : arabic, french, berber, english.
Subtitles : french, english.
Script : Michal Madracki, Maciej Madracki, Gilles Lepore (MML Collective).
Editing : Michal Madracki, Maciej Madracki, Gilles Lepore.
Sound : Igor KLACZYNSKI.

Production : Anna Wydra (Otter Films), Thomas Micoulet & Karim Aitouna (Haut les Mains).
Distribution : Karim Aitouna (Haut les Mains).

Filmography : Le travail des machines, 2010