Yan Tomaszewski

At the start, a striking news item: the voluntary destruction, following purchase at a hefty price, of a house by famous architect Richard Neutra in Palm Springs, a much sought-after holiday resort in Hollywood. An unusual event providing
Yan Tomaszewski with the subject matter for a unique inquiry. Taking as props the stage of a small inner theatre where di erent characters are summoned: the museum’s Curator, the Architect, the Kleinean Psychoanalyst or Artémis, in the midst of a rich gallery of protagonists. In this inquiry full of unexpected detours, all satire and fantasy, the good and the bad breasts announced by the title wage war against each other: psychoanalytical flow against dry and angular modernism, not to mention aesthetic bliss and the death drive. (C.N.)

Technical sheet

France / 2019 / Color / 22'

Original version: English. Subtitles: French. Image: Victor Zébo. Editing: Yan Tomaszewski, Benjamin Cataliotti. Sound: Yan Tomaszewski, Camille Michel. Casting : Kate Moran.

Production: Backyard Films, Yan Tomaszewski.