Director : Kamal Aljafari
Country : Palestinian Territories
Genre : Fiction-Documentary
Length : 90’
Project state : Post-production
Budget :125 000€
% Acquired Budget : 25 %
Production company: Aljafari Films (self-produced)

“ In 2006, someone repeatedly broke the window of my sister’s car, which was parked in front of my family’s house. My father bought and installed a surveillance camera and recorded the scene, continuously. He watched the recordings over and over again in an attempt to catch the suspect. The tapes were found, years later, left in the backyard of the house. Within this material, covering a mere few square meters, an entire world unfolds of daily life in the so called ‘Arab Ghetto’ of Ramle in today’s Israel. By repetition and routine of their daily lives the passersby make themselves the actors of this film. In the distant past, many years ago, in front of this house, there stood a fig tree in a garden, which has now vanished, bulldozed into memory, and swept up by History and Time. ”
Kamal Aljafari

Cynthia Beatt