Director : Jorge León
Country: Belgium
Genre : Documentary-Fiction
Length : 90’
Project state : Script
Budget : 475 000€
% Acquired Budget : 3 %
Production company: Thank You & Good Night Productions
Producer : Geneviève De Bauw
Co-production company Belgium : Present Perfect
Producer: Marc Bouteiller

Through the fantasy of immortality, Incandescences questions our desires, our fears and our burning aspirations to go beyond the limits of our finitude, at a time when the end of the world is continually announced. Lucy, our ancestor of three million years, whose voice and body are invented for the film, joins our present on which she delivers her perceptions, reflections, perspectives, and projections. She becomes the lucid and critical guide to a cinematographic meditation celebrating life despite the social, ecological and political choices threatening it.Jorge Leon

Cynthia Beatt