Director : Manque La Banca
Country : Argentina
Genre : Fiction-Documentary
Length : 70’
Project state : Development
Budget : 280 000€
% Acquired Budget : 5 %
Production company : Un Puma
Producers : Jerónimo Quevedo, Victoria Marotta
Coproduction company : If you hold a stone
Producer : Gustavo Beck

Otto Meiling is the German alpinist who manufactured the first skis and contributed to establish the biggest ski resort of Latin America in Patagonia, Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century.
Carlos Echeverría is a film director that started a documentary about him but did not finish it for dark reasons.
Esperanza is the current under-20 national ski champion and during her training she meets Miguel, a ski lift operator. Through Miguel’s eyes, we discover the world of the people who work there so others can practice the sport of skiing. Most of the workers are Mapuche descendants and have never skied. The relationship between these characters shows the hidden universe of labour relations that are generated during the ski peak season.
Manque La Banca

Cynthia Beatt