Liu Yu

Taiwan Film Institute | Taipei, Taiwan

Yu Liu (born in 1985) lives and works in Taipei. She grew up immersed in films and her works share a similar language of cinematography. She is employing a variety of mediums such as video, installation, and texts. Her practice focuses on the “invisibles,” the groups of people usually excluded from social norms due to structural factors, as well as on changes of spatiality. Her recent works consist of a series of documentary field researches. THE SHIP OF FOOLS MOORING AT THE TRAIN STATION / 2016 / 25 min, NAMELESS / 2017 / 13 min, SOMEHOW I FEEL RELAXED HERE / 2017 / 12 min, SALVATION MOUNTAIN / 2018 / 22 min, CAECUS CREATURAE / 2019 / in production


Taiwan / 2018 /12’

Jinguashih and Jiufen were once the biggest gold mining towns in Taiwan. After the decline of the gold mining industry, the miners turned to tourism industry to make their living. Col- lectors and amateur artists started to come and live at this place and the community gra- dually grew. Yu Liu explores the two towns and meets the inhabitants that have their unique approaches and aesthetic ideas towards “natural objects.” Their collections and creations are delicately intertwined with the local gold rush history and geographical environment. This obsession with “objects” seems to indicate a haunting spirit of the gold mine.Liu Yu