Janaina Wagner

Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains | Tourcoing, France

Janaina Wagner (born in 1989 in São Paulo, Brazil) is a visual artist, journalist, video teacher for children and holder of the SPEAP master’s degree (Experimentation in Arts and Politics). She works with various media: installations, video, photography, books, drawings, scenography and painting. In search of the points of friction between the human and of the construc- tions with which he edifies himself, Janaina Wagner explores the forms and subjects that refer to the relationships of limit, control and restraint that man establishes with the world. LOBISOMEM / 2016 / 18 min, VENTURA / 2018 / 12 min


France / Brazil, 2019, 25 min

What means the figure of the werewolf, a creature shaped by mankind as scapegoat to give contour to cruel acts perpetrated by humanity, through the course of history? Narrated by the moon, the story happens inside a dreamy and uncanny atmosphere. Composing an assemblage of different kinds of images (16 millimeters, digital footage, paintings, engravings, historical photographs, documents, literature excerpts, Janaina Wagner’s texts and oral anonymous testimonies), Licantropia is an inquiry. During the course of one night, different allusions of the werewolf are embodied by a wolf, a woman and a man, deriving in the ruins of the past and future.Janaina Wagner