Teresa Folhadela

Catholic University of Portugal | Porto, Portugal

Teresa Folhadela (born in 1999 in Coimbra) is current- ly finishing a Bachelor of Sound and Image at the Catholic University of Portugal in Porto. She showed very early an interest in audiovisual arts and made through the years many works at personal credit, as for instance summer videos and short fictions. After entering university, she directed the documentaries Jesuítas em Portugal: da História às histórias (2016), Variações em Fado Vadio (2017) and the audiovisual essay Scorsese, Portrait of a Saint (2017) and directed a video recap of Missão País (2018).


Portugal / 20' / 2019

A beach house. Family, friends and the restless eye of a small camera. Times and moments, moving things, questions answered and others that come up through curiosity. Beach House speaks of the bonds, the ordinary moments and the agita- tion trying to respond to reality. Transformed. A film which comes across a lot of questions about religion and spirituality, culture and identification, about time and relationships, and of how cinema (the camera) is the tool that binds together the questions with the answers.Teresa Folhadela