Ousmane Cissokho

ESAV – Ecole Supérieure de l’Audio-visuel | Marrakech, Morocco

Born in a Senegalese town called Fatick, Ousmane Cissokho spent all his youth in Thiès, Sénégal. After three years of studies in legal and political sciences at the Virtual University of Senegal, he joined the ESAV in Marrakesh where he specialized in production. In 2018, Ousmane Cissokho published his novel The Incorrigible Wife and Corrected Men at Editions l’Harmattan while he was preparing his first feature film. FÊTE DES PERES / 2017, LES ORANGERS / 2018, KAANA / 2018, AU MAROC / 2018, CE QUE FEMME(S) VEUT / 2019


Morocco, 2019, 15 min

Homosexuality and AIDS in Morocco. Taboo topics, addressed through characters who brave the forbidden of their country. A lucid and informative look through the gaze and the experience of a social activist, suffering himself from HIV and exposed to intolerance at his workplace and in institutions.Ousmane Cissokho