• Des marches, démarches


Stephen Loye

What a singular poet’s life for Charles Pennequin: his poetry, that turns everything into a verse, he reads it everywhere, for everyone, from culturally elitist theatres to cafeteria’s workers. As a young filmmaking admirer of his work and generous approach, Stephen Loye leaves his province and travels with him on a colourful tour of France. Since Pennequin’s art and life break the walls that partition social classes, Je suis sur terre dreams of and surveys a playground which would abolish any opposition between popular culture and dedication of a contemporary experimentation of poetry. (C.N.)

  • Des marches, démarches

Technical sheet

France / 2019 / Color / 84'

Original version: French. Script: Loye Stephen. Image: Vladilen Vierny, Hughes Geminiani. Editing: Veronique Aubouy. Sound: Jules Valeur, Tristan Pointecaille. Casting : Sami Baghdadi, Charles Pennequin, Stephen Loye.

Production: Pages & Images Productions (Youssef Charifi).