Kuching, Malaysia, the city where I was born. As a child, I lived with my grandparents in a building known as “7-storeys”. I lived at unit number 9. It’s now occupied by someone else. The big sister who lived upstairs is now a grandmother. The grass field outside our door was where I played as a child. I heard that it would soon be demolished and redeveloped. Hsiao Kang (Lee Kang- shen) walked slowly under the scorching sun. Countless blisters formed under his feet.

Tsai Ming-liang

Technical sheet

China / 2013 / Color / 29'

Original version: without dialogue. Script: Tsai Ming-liang. Image: Lia Peng-Jung. Editing: Lei Cheng- Ching. Sound: Huang Hsian-Che. With : Lee Kang-sheng.

Production and Distribution: Homegreen Films.