Iván Argote

La Plaza del Chafleo, Chafle Square, only exists in the director’s mind. He invents the word and has fun giving it every possible meaning, and imagining all the possible shapes of the square for each new definition of the word. But over the course of the game, the film shows real squares, either marked by colonization in Cameroon or austerity in Argentina. Then a politics of public spaces implicitly arises. (N.L.)

Iván Argote
Ivan Argote

Technical sheet

France, Argentina, Cameroon / 2019 / Color / 15'

Original version: Spanish. Subtitles: English, French. Image, Editing and Sound: Iván Argote. Casting : Paul Gounon, Marion Deschamps, Sofia Lanusse, Iván Argote.

Production: Studio Argote (Iván Argote).

Filmography: As Far As We Could Get, 2018. Reddishblue Memories, 2017. Fructose, 2016. Activist! Activist! (Thessaloniki), 2015. The Messengers, 2014. La Estrategia, 2012: