Gérard Frot-Coutaz

“As a meteorological (and even life) manual, this film has the direct simplicity of a popular song and gets to you by surprise and right in the heart, just like a catchy chorus rises on the subterranean chords of a familiar tune. Set in a fake closed environment actually open to distressed winds, raising a love and sadness monument on the feeling of erosion and annoyance, its irritating comical powers, the film is captivating through this musical power.” (Florence Maillard)

Gérard Frot-Coutaz

Technical sheet

France / 1986 / Color / 85' - Restored version

Original version: French. Script: Gérard Frot-Coutaz, Jacques Davila. Image: Jean-Jacques Bouhon. Editing: Paul Vecchiali, Franck Mathieu. Sound: Yves Zlotnicka. Casting : Micheline Presle, Claude Piéplu, Tonie Marshall, Xavier Deluc.

Production: Diagonale (Paul Vecchiali).

Distribution: La Traverse (Teicher Gaël). Filmography: Derniers remparts, 1974, Transcontinental, 1976, Le Goûter de Josette, 1982, Beau temps mais orageux en fin de journée, 1985, Le Tiers providentiel, 1985, Après après-demain, 1989, Peinture fraîche, 1991, Bouvet et son texte, 1992.