Julia Pello

Two stories are interconnected in this brief yet splendid film, without ever
being sure to understand exactly what properly belongs to one or the other, as the flexibility of Julia Pello’s art consists in erecting glissando as a filmmaking technique. We cannot help but grasp that it is about dealing with the past, that of native Americans in particular, but also in a broader sense History and nature: the very existence. (J.P.R.)

Julia Pello

Technical sheet

USA / 2019 / Color / 26'

Original version : english. Script : Julia Pello. Image : Yoni Goldstein. Editing : Julia Pello. Sound : Adam Bach, Sam Guardalebene, David Hall. Casting : Winfield Wounded Eye, Ernest Whiteman III, Christine Red Cloud.

Production : Thrd Factory (Julia Pello).

Filmography : Kjell Theory, 2017. Like Ether Rising, 2018. Stuttering Images, 2018