Virgile Fraisse

Singapore, hub of global capitalism. At the centre of this film is a woman who devotes herself to the blockchain-boosted art market. At the same time, in contrast, is an immigrant Tamil worker extolling the tranquillity of the island, and a champion archeress devoting herself to her discipline. In the accumulation of the neomanagerial common areas describing a less glorious reality (the art seller is also a cleaner), a ferocious satire breaks through, exposing neoliberal Newspeak and the total commercial exploitation of art.

Virgile Fraisse

Technical sheet

France, Singapore / 2018 / Color / 28'

Original version: English, Tamil. Subtitles: French, English. Scenario: Virgile Fraisse, Dan Koh. Image: Victor Zebo. Editing: Félix Rehm. Sound: Ismail Bin Ishak, François-Xavier Delaby. With : Noorlinah Mohamed, Gabriel Nantha, Joanne-Marie Sim, Karthik Jayaram, Kayli Lum, Jocelyn Low.

Production: Triangle France Asterides (Céline Kopp, Florence Gosset).

Distribution: Virgile Fraisse.

Filmography: Sea-me-we, 2015. Sea-me-we 2, 2017. State Ø States, 2017. Fictio Legis, 2018