• Des marches, démarches


Tsai Ming-liang

Monsoon season.
The black sandy beaches of Zhuangwei.
A deserted eel-catching settlement.
The entangled branches of the lintou trees.
Hsiao Kang (Lee Kang-shen) appears to walk in a barren wasteland. Is this the end
of time or the beginning?
It all feels like a dream.
Tsai Ming-liang

  • Des marches, démarches

Technical sheet

Taiwan / 2018 / Color / 81'

Original version: without dialogue. Script: Tsai Ming-liang. Image: Lao Peng-Jung. Editing: Lei Cheng-Ching. Sound: Huang Hsian-Che. Casting : Lee Kang-shen.

Production and Distribution: Homegreen Films.