Takuya Dairiki

Takashi Miura

« Kinta and Ginji are friends. They’ve always been. They do not always get along well but they’re still buddies. » Here is our duo – one is a robot made out of junk, the other an animal’s profile; we go along with it as it travels around. In the woods, in a clearing, or blending in with the grass of a prairie, Kinta and Ginji are making plans about everything and, more often than not, about nothing, with all required seriousness. Sometimes agreeing; disagreeing, at other times. And taking us along the happiness, however small, of their musings along the landscape. (N.F.)

Takuya Dairiki

Technical sheet

Japan / 2019 / Color / 84'

Original version: Japanese. Subtitles: French. Image and Editing: Takuya Dairiki, Takashi Miura. Sound: Takuya Dairiki. Casting : Takuya Dairiki, Takashi Miura.

Distribution: CaRTe bLaNChe (Tamaki Okamoto). Selective filmography : Kinta to Ginji (Kinta&Ginji), 2018. Monologues, 2016. Honane, 2016