• Cinéma sans recettes


Tsai Ming-Liang

The drought in Taïwan is so extreme that the population is asked to drink watermelon juice instead of water. She subsists by stealing water from public washrooms. As for him, when night falls, he climbs on top of the roofs and tries to freshen up by bathing into the water from the rain water tanks. (J.P.R.)

Tsai Ming-liang

  • Cinéma sans recettes

Technical sheet

Taiwan, France / 2004 / Color / 115'

Original version: Cantonese. Subtitles: French. Scenario: Tsai Ming-liang. Image: Liao Pen-Jung. Editing: Chen Sheng-chang. Sound: Tu Duu-chih, Tang Shiang-chu.

Production: Arena Films.

Distribution: Wild Bunch.