• Tribute to Sharon Lockhart


Sharon Lockhart

From Double Tide or Pine Flat, we know of Sharon Lockhart’s attraction to the subject matter of landscapes approached from various angles. Depicted here in a single stroke is the endless and methodical ballet of a couple of Japanese peasants working with rakes in a field. Their comings and goings bringing straw gradually transforms the setting, which fills with bales of straw, which is then spread over the ground. This is a dance in two consecutive movements – the labour enshrined in its specific timeframe and the duly-recorded covering of the ground, much like a canvas, the peasant resembling a painter. (N.F.)

  • Tribute to Sharon Lockhart

Technical sheet

USA, Japan / 2003 / Color / 33'

Original version: without dialogue. Script: Sharon Lockhart. With : Yoko Ito, Masato Itô. Production: Neugerriemschneider. Distribution: Arsenal Distribution.