• Tribute to Sharon Lockhart


Sharon Lockhart

Here, the field of observation and investigation is Pine Flat in the rural heartlands of the Sierra Nevada. In a series of twelve scenes – twelve meticulously- composed shots – embellished with an interlude, typical children’s and teenagers’ activities and games unfold before our eyes. Sharon Lockhart o ers a melancholic meditation on nature, boredom and solitude – sleeping in the grass, playing in the water or reading a book. Little by little, we sense the implicit threat of a loss of innocence despite the fact that a future community seem to be taking shape. (N.F.)

  • Tribute to Sharon Lockhart

Technical sheet

USA / 2005 / Color / 138'

Original version: English. Script and Image: Sharon Lockhart. Editing: Erika Vogt. Sound: Allen Becky. Casting : Amy Bates, Jessica Blain, Matthew Blain.

Production: Blum & Poe, Gladstone Gallery, Galerie Neugerriemschneider.

Distribution: Arsenal Distribution.