• Tribute to Sharon Lockhart


Sharon Lockhart

Continuing her attentive and precise exploration of workspaces and routines (see Nō and Exit in this programme), the double tide of the title is experienced from the perspective of a clam digger in Maine one day in July 2008. In two moments, dawn and dusk, and two still frames, we follow her as she tirelessly paces and stirs up the mudflats. Constructing the frame and setting the scene in which the movements are drawn out in their repetition, Sharon Lockhart gives us a landscape that is animated and inhabited in its depths, in the duration itself of the reproduced action. She o ers us a place rich with sound from the lapping and swishing of the activities taking place there. (N.F.)

  • Tribute to Sharon Lockhart

Technical sheet

USA, Austria / 2009 / Color / 99'

Original version: without dialogue. Script: Sharon Lockhart. Image: Richard Rutkowski. Editing: May Rigler. Sound: James Demer, Alex Slade. Casting : Jen Casad.

Production: Lockhart Studio.

Distribution: Arsenal Distribution.