Khalil, Shaun, A Woman Under the Influence is a 16-minute film divided into three parts. The first two sections refer to make-up tests, which are often used in the making of Hollywood films, and the third section is a dramatic sequence based on a scene from the film A Woman Under the Influence by John Cassavetes. Framed from the chest up by a static, silent camera, the first section, Khalil, opens with a series of 30-second shots featuring the ten year old boy. Alternately shy, bored, and giggly, he is completely aware of the camera while it methodically records the progression of his disease. The second section depicts Shaun, in his white underwear, pointing out the progression of another seemingly devastating skin disease. His una ected nature, however, reveals that this is merely the progression of a skillfully applied special e ects make-up. In the third section, A Woman Under the Influence, Shaun reappears in full make-up and takes part in an emotional conversation as he is tucked into bed by his mother.

Sharon Lockhart

Technical sheet

USA / 1994 / Color / 16'

Original version : english. Script : Sharon Lockhart. Image : Eric Kasson, Sharon Lockhart, Daniel Marlos. Editing : Meredith Decotiis, Howard Heard, Sharon Lockhart. Sound : Alex Slade. Casting : Jennifer Hill, Shaun Johnston, Khalil Harper-Bowers.

Production : Sharon Lockhart.

Distribution : Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.