• Histoire(s) de Portrait


Marie-Claude Treilhou

What should we do today with poems from the past? Why do poetry today and how? Sitting behind his desk, Michel Deguy, great living poet, speaks, smokes and thinks with the same generous enthusiasm. Marie-Claude Treilhou records the thinking words, articulates their development through a series of readings or sung recitations of the poems dissected by their author. Fathoming the depths of “ecopoeticology” of Deguy, Comme si, comme ça makes up the most sober and vivid of portraits. “Without ever bragging”, as suggested by the contemporary ethics the poet formulates in the film. (C.N.)

  • Histoire(s) de Portrait

Technical sheet

France / 2019 / Color / 62'

Original version: French. Image: Marc-André Batigne, Pascale Granel. Editing: Khadicha Bariha. Sound: Graciela Barrault, Mathy Juliette, François Vatin. Casting : Michel Deguy.

Production and Distribution: La Traverse (Gaël Teicher).

Selective filmography: Couleurs d’orchestre, 2007, Il était une fois la télé, 30 ans après, 2015, Comme si, comme ça, 2019.