• Histoire(s) de Portrait


Dominique Auvray

Wang Bing is one of the greatest documentary-makers alive today, and his films o er a very insightful overview of the transformations occurring in Chinese society. Here, Dominique Auvray conducts an interview that, in addition to the biographical information, focuses above all on the relationship with things unsaid: Wang Bing attempts to do justice to his theme and the testimonies he’s gathered, but he stumbles over the words, struggling to keep his emotions in check. The pain of tackling history shows through the awkward speech.

  • Histoire(s) de Portrait

Technical sheet

France / 2019 / Color / 60'

Original version: Chinese. Subtitles: French. Script: Dominique Auvray. Image: Alan Guichaoua. Editing: Dominique Auvray. Sound: Henri Maiko.

Production: INA (Gérald Collas).

Distribution: INA (Elsa Lonne-Smith).

Filmography : Marguerite, Telle qu’en elle-même, 2002, Duras et le Cinéma, 2014