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Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli

At FID (2016) we discovered Je rey Dunn Rovinelli’s first film, the unsettling Empathy where we were invited to follow the enigmatic Em, a young sex worker, from New York to Los Angeles. Here Je rey Dunn returns as Jessie Je rey for this second feature-length film in a mix of fiction and documentary. The film claims to be adapting a novel by German writer Ronald M. Schernikau entitled “and when the prince danced with the coachman they looked so beautiful that the entire court lost its senses”. “A utopian film” released in the 1980’s, and punctuated with excerpts read by the actors. Transposed to Brooklyn, So Pretty accompanies Tonia, a German artist, her companion and their friends Paul and Erika, a musician. A portrait of a small trans-gender community, a 21st century love story, mixing every-day life or activism in the style of news stories about sex. The possibility of thinking and living a utopia exempted from the identity we are assigned. (N.F.)

  • Special Screening

Technical sheet

USA, France / 2019 / Color / 83’

Original version: English, German. Subtitles: English, German. Script: Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli, Ronald Schernikau. Image: Bill Kirstein. Editing: Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli. Sound: Rachika Samarth. Casting : Edem Dela-Seshie, Arlene Gregoire, Thomas Love, Rachika Samarth.

Production: 100 Year Films Bill Kirstein.

Distribution: Jordan Mattos (Aspect Ratio).