Arthur Dreyfus

Life analysis and the staging of his own fantasies are Noël Herpe’s subject matter in his work as a writer and a film-maker. Following up on a book about his relationship with his father, his mother is invited beside him for a double portrait on the double couch installed in front of Arthur Dreyfus’s camera. Much unpacking, misunderstandings, denials and declarations: this boulevard theatre of intimacy is as moving as it is fascinating thanks to both protagonists’ ability in saying everything and telling each other everything about their passionate relationship. (C.N.)

Technical sheet

France / 2019 / Color / 103'

Original version: French. Image: Pierre Warolin, Tao Favre. Editing: Cédric Le Floch’. Sound: Tao Favre. Casting : Christmas Herpe.

Production: Tamara Films (Carole Chassaing).

Filmography : Isabelle H., 2013, Éric R., 2014, Jean-Luc G., 2014, Federico F., 2015, Arielle D., 2015