• Histoire(s) de Portrait


Arthur Dreyfus

Life analysis and the staging of his own fantasies are Noël Herpe’s subject matter in his work as a writer and a film-maker. Following up on a book about his relationship with his father, his mother is invited beside him for a double portrait on the double couch installed in front of Arthur Dreyfus’s camera. Much unpacking, misunderstandings, denials and declarations: this boulevard theatre of intimacy is as moving as it is fascinating thanks to both protagonists’ ability in saying everything and telling each other everything about their passionate relationship. (C.N.)

  • Histoire(s) de Portrait

Technical sheet

France / 2019 / Color / 103'

Original version: French. Image: Pierre Warolin, Tao Favre. Editing: Cédric Le Floch’. Sound: Tao Favre. Casting : Christmas Herpe.

Production: Tamara Films (Carole Chassaing).

Filmography : Isabelle H., 2013, Éric R., 2014, Jean-Luc G., 2014, Federico F., 2015, Arielle D., 2015