Vincent Meessen

Kain the Poet, the eloquent and loud-mouthed African-American and pioneer of hip-hop, reads accompanied by the experimental percussionist Lander Gyselinck. At the heart of his poem lies a cryptic leitmotif: the colour blue. Ultramarine refers to both the etymology and history of the pigment, and the “beyond the oceans” slave trade and colonisation. In his words and the objects surrounding him like lyric catalysts causing history to resurface, the memory of a people’s sufferings is revived. (N.L.)

Vincent Meessen

Technical sheet

Belgium, France, Canada / 2019 / Color / 43'

Original version: English. Subtitles: French. Script: Vincent Meessen. Image: Vincent Pinckaers. Editing: Inneke Van Waeyenberghe. Sound: Laszlo Umbreit. With : Kain The Poet, Lander Gyselinck. Production and Distribution: Jubilee (Vincent Meessen). `
Filmography: One.Two.Three, 2015, Clinamen Cinema, 2013, Boucles à revers, 2012