• Tribute to Sharon Lockhart


Sharon Lockhart

Here, once again, the subject is work, its body language and unexpected meanings, reminiscent of Lunch Break (FID 2009) where a single tracking shot captures in slow motion the workers’ every mood during their lunch break in the Bath Iron Works shipyard in Maine. Here, in reverse angle, in five still frames over five working days picked out from the film, she lingers over the repetitive procession of the anonymous backs of the workers as they leave the same factory. Turning inside out – and doing away with, the title would seem to suggest – the point of view of the Lumière Brothers’ famous first film, here, time stretches out in the augmented duration of this lacklustre daily routine. (N.F.)

  • Tribute to Sharon Lockhart

Technical sheet

Japan, USA / 2008 / Color / 41'

Original version: English. Subtitles: French. Script and Image: Sharon Lockhart.

Production: Neugerriemschneider.

Distribution: Arsenal Distribution.