Nádia Mangolini

An animated film in four parts, in each of which a sibling recounts a childhood memory. The backdrop is the brutal ‘disappearing’ of their father during the Brazilian military dictatorship. The delicate nature of the drawing and the subtlety of the animation techniques bring us face to face with the reality of a régime which destroyed men, women and children. The reliving of the story of a country is experienced within the scale of a single family. (FM)

Nádia Mangolini
Nadia Mangolini

16:4514 July 2018Variétés 2
10:4516 July 2018Variétés 2

Technical sheet

Brazil / 2017 / Colours / 19'

Original version :Portuguese.
Sutitles : English, Spanish.
Scenario : Gustavo Vinagre.
Editing : Lia Kulakauskas.
Soung : Miriam Biderman, Ricardo Reis Chuí.
With : Gregório Gomes da Silva, Ilda Martins Gomes da Silva, Isabel Gomes da Silva, Virgílio Gomes da Silva Filho, Vlademir Gomes da Silva.
Production : Meus Russos (Heitor Franulovic, Eduardo Chatagnier, Lucas Barão, Heitor Franulovic).