La cour
(The Schoolyard)

Baptiste Bogaert

Noëlle Bastin

The pupils move around every inch of the playground day after day, before walking through the gate that separates them from the outside world. Within the confines of the playground, they chat and tease each other – calmness reigns. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose when a loud thud is heard off camera. And then the cycle begins again: a new situation unfolds with a beginning that had preceded the burst of that noise. This metaphorical sequence reminds us of our own gestures, words and moments of life, which every time are identical and constantly being renewed. (FM)

11:0014 July 2018MuCEM
14:1515 July 2018Le Miroir/Centre de la Vieille Charité

Technical sheet

France, Belgium / 2017 / Colour / 21’

Original veriosn : French.
Subtitles : English.
Scenario : Baptiste Bogaert.
Photography : Pierrot Jasmin.
Editing: Evrard Christophe.
Soung : Trinques Luis.
With : François Bastin.
Production :Marcello Cavagna, Marcello Cavagna (G.R.E.C.).
Distribution : GREC Marie-Anne Campos.
Filmographiy/strong> : Pan !, 2017-2018