Down Claiborne

One of the most striking aspects of New Orleans’ topography is a highway that slices through the city’s oldest black neighbourhood, the Tremé. The local community reclaims their streets using mural painting and the collective masking traditions of the Mardi Gras Indians, in an alternative view of U.S. history, which references various stages of the struggle for civil rights, including the Maroon tradition of runaway slaves and Native Americans forming independent communities. Both practices operate within the post-colonial “profession of hybridization” as defined by Haitian poet René Depestre.

Moira Tierney

17:4512 July 2018Vidéodrome 2
10:0014 July 2018Variétés 2

Technical sheet

Ireland, USA / 2018 / Colour and black & grey / 16 mm, 8 mm / 50’

Original version : English, French.
Subtitles : English, French.
Scenario, photography, editing : Moira Tierney.
Sound : Moira Tierney, Stephen Richardson.
With : Big Chief Kevin Goodman, Rahsaana Ison, Atibon Nazaire, John Lacarbiere III.
Production & distribution : Moira Tierney.