Proust lu

« Since October 20th 1993, I have had people read À la Recherche du Temps perdu in front of my camera. It’s an action and a situation specific to my life. (…) The people I capture on camera are from just about everywhere, from all generations. Anywhere and at all seasons. Readers follow the order. They are chosen as I go around meeting people, travelling, and following recommendations. Then there’s my loved ones. This film is also an autobiography. » Véronique Aubouy

Technical sheet

France / 1993 / Colour / HDV, HDCAM / 7800’

Original version : French.
Script : Marcel Proust.
Screen, editing & sound : Véronique Aubouy.
With : 1300 readers.
Production : Compagnie Verdurin.
Filmography : Je suis Annemarie Schwarzenbach, 2015. Bernadette Lafont, une sacrée Bonne Femme, 2013. Les Travaux de Luca Ronconi, 2003. Je ne suis pas un homme en colère, portrait d’Edward Bond, 2002. Un musicien passe, portrait de Zoltan Kocsis, 2000. Silence de l’été, 1993.