Les Indes galantes

Rameau, who was nicknamed Euclid-Orpheus by Voltaire, made his debut on stage quite late, at the age of 52, for the first performance of his opera-ballet Les Indes galantes. This musical form was new then, and it was only the second piece written for the stage by Rameau, a harpsichord prodigy who had published his first compositions when he was 23. His Indes take place in Turkey, Peru and North America. Quite decisively, he had heard the music of a Native American, brought to France in a traveller’s ship. It was so unheard-of that it inspired him. Clément Cogitore’s “Indians” are translated here: movement emerges from a crowd.

18:0011 July 2018Variétés 2
11:0012 July 2018MuCEM

Technical sheet

France / 2017 / Colour / HD, Dolby Digital / 5’

  • Original version : Without Dialogue.
  • Script : Clément Cogitore.
  • Screen : Sylvain Verdet.
  • Editor : Felix Rehm.
  • Sound : Paul Guilloteau.
  • With: Bintou Dembele.
  • Production : Les Films Pelléas (Philippe Martin, Dimitri Krassoulia).
  • Distribution : Julia Maraval (Les Films Pelléas).
  • Filmography : Braguino, 2017. The Resonant Interval, 2016. Ni Le Ciel Ni La Terre, 2015. La Sapienza, 2014. Parmi Nous, 2012.