La banlieue du Skeud

An animated film, not really suitable for all audiences, has chosen for its soundtrack the rare spoken narrative moments in a selection of rap and hip-hop records. By borrowing to shadow play, by setting the action in many backgrounds coming from an anthology of contemporary architecture, the panels come to life and turn the colourful stories being told into a stylised show.

Maxime Le Moing

21:3013 July 2018Vidéodrome 2
12:1516 July 2018

Technical sheet

France / 2018 / Colour / Mixed Media, Stéréo / 19’

  • Original version : french.
  • Subtitles : english. 
  • Screen, script, editing and sound : Maxime Le Moing.
  • Avec : Christophe Holstein, Marie Billet, Chloé Bolzinger, Nicolas Ambry, Sylvie Franckhauser, Jacques Lorrain, Erwan Caugant, Marc Hemal, Justin Pleutin, Antoine Klock, Audrey Louis, Marie-Laure Kovac, Valérie Kurek, Maria Goeller, B. Matthieu, Luc De Maria, Charlène François, Léa Sarlet, Axel Tancray, Victoria Allé, Philippe Maguin, Olivier Roy, Sullivan Da Silva, Caroline Gomes, Marie Lyssnider, Hugo Beurrier, Clémentine Kullmann, Emilie Hatier, Louis Picard, Léa Banachowski, Léa Fay, Elise Frey.
  • Production et distribution : Maxime Le Moing.
  • Filmography : L’autre Fille, 2016. Hold-up, 2014