Le Terrier

Amélie Derlon Cordina

The Burrow is Kafka’s last text, a mind-boggling monologue in the form of address, left incomplete. The question here will be to experience it. Mismatched benches and gamuts of askew planted indoors will be the soil, Strike the body. Interwoven words and places where Strike the reader, performer and main character merge themselves, imperceptible. Labyrinthic movement reflecting the text itself, moving back and forth between inside and outside, from the burrow-place to the burrow-text: its actualization. (NF)

Amélie Derlon Cordina

14:3015 July 2018
15:1516 July 2018Variétés 2

Technical sheet

France / 2018 / Colour / HD / 12’

Original version : French.
Script : Amélie Derlon Cordina, Laurent Point.
Screen : Charlotte Marchal.
Editor : Amélie Derlon Cordina.
Sound : Hélène Clerc-Denizot.
With : Strike Lucicki.
Production : Le Grec (Anne Luthaud).
Filmography : Saints’ Game 2017.