Honolulu Mon Amour

Take Magnum, a famous television series with Tom Selleck as an unfaltering man of action. Choose an episode taking place in what looks like a far Eastern country providing the props colored with such exoticism. Cut the soundtrack and place, instead, passages of Marguerite Duras’s L’Amant or Hiroshima mon amour. And let measured time roll… (JPR)

Nick Warr

19:0013 July 2018Vidéodrome 2
11:4514 July 2018Vidéodrome 2

Technical sheet

UK / 2015 / Colors and Black & Grey / Mixed Media / 8’

  • Original version : French.
  • Subtitles : English.
  • Screen, editing, sound : Nick Warr.
  • Production : Nick Warr.
  • Filmography : Nicholas Ray Gun Virus, 2016. American Color Field, 2016. Baroque Velocities, 2016. Uncle Homer’s Favourite Corner, 2015. Salle de Reconnaisance, 2015.