Lucie Pannetrat

To dive or not to dive? Swimming? They try, they hesitate. Then they ‘re ready in the right position: the swimmer’s silhouette, the diver’s position. Images merging with bodies, bodies turning into images, that of the perfect or imagined posture, since positions are all that matter. Feeling of déjà vu. But there’s no water here, the ballet is happening in the studio. Draws from the memory of images seen or offered to others. Diving into it is a matter of posture and desire. And like the bodies, time is suspended. (NF)

Lucie Pannetrat

22:0013 July 2018Variétés 2
10:3014 July 2018

Technical sheet

France / 2018 / Colour / Stéréo / 6'

  • Original version : Without dialogue.
  • Screen, editor, sound : Lucie Pannetrat.
  • With : Pannetrat Lucie, Ophélia Lorens, Florian Salaty, Marc Gros.
  • Production : Cœur d’Artichaut (Lucie Pannetrat).