Al Nahr (The River)

Country: Lebanon – France
Genre : fiction
Length : 90’
Project state : development
Budget : 517 000 €
Acquired Budget : 210 000 €

Production company, Lebanon : Khamsin Films
Producer : Tania El Khoury
Production company, France : Survivance
Producer : Carine Chichkowsky

Selective filmography of the production : Survivance
Les jours maudits / Artem Iurchenko / 2018 / 72 ‘
L’envers d’une histoire / Mila Turajlic / 2017/ 104’
Rue des sœurs noires / Aïcha Thiam / 2016 / 66’
Reprendre l’été / Magali Bragard, Séverine Enjolras / 2016 / 96’
Dao Khanong (By the time it gets dark) / Anocha Suwichakornpong / 2016 / 105’
Des Spectres hantent l’Europe / Maria Kourkouta & Niki Giannari / 2016 / 99’

Khamsin Films
Founded in 2017

With the support of the AFAC

A young woman and an older man are having lunch on the terrace of a restaurant located in the midst of a mountainous landscape in Lebanon. Suddenly the sky darkens, followed by rumbling sounds. Fighter planes crisscross the sky. As the man heads to his car to leave the place, the woman disappears somewhere below. He follows her, loses sight of her, eventually catches up with her, films her, talks to her about their relationship, tries to kiss her, but she manages to escape him. As the day declines, they venture deeper into nature, their sole companion is a dog watching them from the distance. Their journey leads them to a cave; the man goes inside and reaches a river on the other side. The night has fallen. He finds the woman walking along the opposite bank. They walk their separate ways for a while, the river standing between them. The man finally crosses over and approaches the woman.

Ghassan Salhab

Georg Tiller

Marine Hugonnier

Assaf Gruber

Manuela Gamboa

Pauline Curnier Jardin