EP - Histoire(s) de Portrait 2018
Benoît Maire

Le mot origine

France / 2018 / Colour / DVCAM / 13’
Première Mondiale

Shaving, going off to work, getting something to eat, going to appointments. Such is life as it goes on here. Zero situations: zero drama, zero pathos, no aspersions, no beginning and no end, not even a middle, truth to tell. « Desaturated » scenes, with faded colors. With a Thomas Clerc, the author of Intérieur who willingly acknowledges being a lover of a certain Edouard Perec and of another Georges Levé, caught repeating the main character’s pale gestures and passions without passion, a dull gentleman called Pierre Georges. (NF)

Technical sheet

Original version : french.

Screen : Arnaud Maudru.

Editor : Benoît Maire.

Sound : Loïc Lachaize.

With : Thomas Clerc.

Production : Capc Musée (François Poisay).


Benoît Maire - France

EP - Histoire(s) de Portrait