• French Competition  
  • GNCR Award

Flesh memory

Jacky Goldberg

Finley Blake is a cam girl : she earns a living by doing sexual exhibition on the Internet, in front of her webcam. She does whatever she can to reclaim joint custody of her son, who has been taken away from her because of her occupation. Finley might be going about her business alone in her living room, but at any time, via voice or image, she may decide to expose her body to the whole world. To connect and trade it. Jacky Goldberg records these few days in the life of Finley, approaching the task with the sobriety of a both discreet and genial outlook.
Packed with many various emotions, Finley’s home slightly glows within this Texan suburbia where we presume, maybe wrongly, that each house looks just like the next. The sexual act that Finley fakes or performs in a static shot brings about a welcome fusion between its crude nature and its obvious gentleness – a gentleness that we had almost forgotten in cinema. Early on we realise that what we are seeing is neither Finley’s secret life nor the fantasy of internet users, but rather the off-camera realm of our imagination: the ordeals in life that makes Finley just like us,
regardless of her line of work, while remaining ever so unique. Then Jacky Goldberg, in perfect harmony with his subject, also delights in following the outline of her many tattoos, as so many potential stories to tell, and provides Flesh Memories with brand new atmospheres. Just like the thousandsof invisible Internet users who contact Finley, the house is less empty than it is
appears. Somewhere in between the ghostly presences and the burning love of a child, Jacky oldberg gently captures their aura, almost by hanging back: with a taste for shared secret. (VP)

  • French Competition  
  • GNCR Award

Technical sheet

France / 2018 / Colours / HD, Dolby Stereo (SR) / 59'

Original version : English.
Subtitles : French.
Scenario : Jacky Goldberg.
Picture : Alexandre Léglise.
Editing : Raphaël Lefèvre.
Sound : Romain de Gueltzl, Vincent Villa.
With : Finley Blake.
Production : L’Atelier de production (Sébastien de Fonseca), Vycky Films (Jacky Goldberg).
Distribution : WTFilms (Dimitri Stephanides).
Filmography : This is comedy, Judd Apatow & co, 2014.