Alep Terminal

Zalfa Seurat

A mother decides to take her daughter on a journey through Aleppo where she was born and raised. Personal stories are woven into those of the country. Meetings with ancestors, by way of the family home, make the telling of this story both light and shocking at the same time. Those traces of the past are ruins today: dilapidated buildings, ravaged landscapes, remnants of a personal story rich with memories. Filmed by the famous director of photography, Caroline Champetier, the recent history of contemporary Syria rises up out of these images of the all too recent past. This is reflected in a title card at the beginning of the film: “We never thought this would be our last journey”. (FM)

Zalfa Seurat

16:4514 July 2018Variétés 2
10:4516 July 2018Variétés 2

Technical sheet

France, Syria / 2017 / HD Cam / 32’

Original vesion : French, Arabic.
Subtitles : English.
Scenario : Zalfa Seurat.
Photgraphy : Caroline Champetier.
Editing : Zalfa Seurat.
Sound : Marc Codsi.
With : Marie Seurat, Leila Seurat.
Production : Michel Propper, Michel Propper (MP Prod).
Distribution : Zalfa Seurat.
Filmography : Dernier Retour, 2017. Sporting Club, 2014. Who are you Isa Kane?, 2012. Moussinna, 2011.