Priscilla Telmon, Mathieu Moon Saura

Duende without an arena, in the shadow of the Méjan chapel in Arles, Mano a Mano is neither a duel nor a duo. But an eloquent hand-to-hand encounter with words. The poetry of life versed directly into the microphones. Éric Cantona and Rodolphe Burger, for the very first time, mingle guitars and voices, verses and music, sharing their
words with others. This 52-minute film is a miracle wrought by an unexpected and ephemeral meeting, at the closing of the 23rd edition of the Printemps des Poètes, bearing Desire as its emblem. At a time when venues were empty and it was vital to find new ways of reclaiming the stage and the silence. Hands, colossi and brimming notebooks dance, in a breath-taking surfeit of friendship and enchantment brought to us by Mathieu Moon Saura and Priscilla Telmon’s camera. With texts by Éric Cantona, Olivier Cadiot, Mahmoud Darwhich and Missak Manouchian, set to music by Rodolphe Burger. With a cover of Joy Division.

Technical sheet